Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Lies in the West Outskirt of Purbalingga Regency? (Part 1)

“If one successfully strive to go beyond his boundaries, one’d consider himself has carried out an undertaking, thus believe he has achieved something.”

For me, I believe I achieved something two days ago, by taking unusual undertaking, not to get lost on the new and unfamiliar route of the lone trip. Given my poor navigation ability, I rarely arrive in particular places without getting lost first. Since being lost in track is happen too often on each of my new trip, I get used to it. I never bother to check on GPS apps the right route, however. Lost in track, if I may to use this term, is salvage moment. I am naturally a daydreamer, let me alone a minute or so, and my mind’d wander far beyond reality. Taking a wrong and unfamiliar route is give me so much space to open up my mind on imagining every non sense I could reach.
But, two days ago, I hadn’t been given any chance to take a wrong route. I should arrive at Panunggalan Village Hall on time. I wasn’t so lucky at that time, first because my friend, who had agreed to pick me up, at the certain point of downtown area, got up late, so I should go there by myself. Second, the route to Panunggalan isn’t familiar for me, it would be my first ever trip. The trip gonna be a turmoil if the rain come, I felt alarmed. In this unpredictable season, being alarmed of the weather all the time isn’t a sin. Even the sunny day couldn’t indicate that rain wouldn’t come at once. Well prepared is a must. I covered myself with thick jacket, put on mask and a pair of gloves. My raincoat had been secured savely in the baggage. Out of the habit, I also checked on my GPS apps before left home. Twenty eight point one km and could be reached by car for 41 minutes (could be faster by motorcycle), here came a good news, the route isn’t to complicated, mostly straight route, I was eager and excited.

GPS apps interface, the distance from Mangunegara to Panunggalan

The west part of Purbalingga Regency was probably only a figment of my imagination, since I had never taken a step in that area, though I have been living in Purbalingga since I was in a craddle. Once maybe, I accidentally passed Klawing bridge and a half km beyond, no further than that, so the rest of the area was a complete mistery for me, until I took this trip. FYI, Panunggalan village is situated in district of Pengadegan. It takes 30 minutes according to my friend (native of Panunggalan) to reach downtown of Purbalingga from Panunggalan.  Through a peek on the map, I know that this village is (to be exacted) situated in the west outskirt of Purbalingga, near Banjarnegara Regency. With the total area of 3.655.000 square metres, it is the 7 largest area in district of Pengadegan. 

Panunggalan, on the read circle

   Half of the trip was run smoothly. Entering district of Pengadegan area, the scenery surrounded me changed into a rows of never ending makeshift gasoline stalls. This was outrageous, since I just passed gasoline station in Kalikajar. Why would people go to the gasoline stalls if the gasoline station is in the vicinity? My enquiry was answered. Apparently along the Pengadegan area there is no gasoline station available, the one I passed by in Kalikajar is probably the last gasoline station supply for the tralevers who come and go to district of Pengadegan. Even in a small regency like Purbalingga, I never imagine that there would be a place where gasoline station is scarces. Minimarket franchise like Alf*m*rt or Ind*m*rt are abundant, available almost at every corner of small village in Purbalingga, why gasoline station can be abundant too, especially in a busy route like this? Isn’t a fuels almost being a primary need in our modern society, equal with people needs of personal vehicles like cars or motorcycles. Isn’t it a prominent factor in goods and services distribution? (My question would only go to the void). It is, in my opinion is “need to do fast” duty of the authority or else stakesholders. (Personally , I don’t understand what am I talking about,so lets move on).

Besides makeshift gasoline stalls, along the trip my eyes,  were spoiled by beautiful sloppy hills with a thick vegetation. The distance between each dwelling is getting far away, apart from car or motorcycle horns, the surrounded felt quiet. Probably not recommended to take a trip alone in this road after twilight. Before, entering Panunggalan region, I relied on passerbies to make sure that I was on the right route, their advices were simple “ just go straight on this road, go straight, it is situaded near Banjarnegara”. Just like presumption, the route isn’t too complicated.

GPS apps is part of our modern lifestyle, it is replaced the function of conventional maps as well as the current best guide for a travelers, as long as the phone signal is available. So what if you are stranded in unknown whereabout with a limited phone signal coverage?. Asking the local folks is the utmost sensible way. But make sure you ask the reliable person, if you don’t want to end up like me.

So what happened?

Hehehe, I will tell you, tighten your seatbelt dear passengers. 

After what seemed to be an endless trip on the narrow concrete winding road (yeahhh…Grapes of Wrath, anyone?), I arrived in Panunggalan region (in the outskirt). My next duty would be to find the exact position of the village hall. Either it was my bad luck or the local folk to whom I asked wasn’t too reliable, I took a very harsh route, the one that probably local pedestrians take as a shortcut. While it helps the local pedestrians to cut down their journey, it is definitely not a proper route for motorcycle, however.
Forgive me not to provide any photograph of this harsh route, I will if had a chance, but situation didn’t give me a permission to do so, not only it was hard to reach my phone, but also I should gathered a momentum to push ‘sidewalk’ my motorcycle, because it refused to cooperate. This harsh route is a gravel road, I should extra careful to maintain the speed (under 20 km/hour) and balance of my motorcycle, one mistake I could trip down that gravel sea. I honestly was a bit disappointed to myself, I had been arrived this far, yet after almost reached my destination, here I was in this vile route. I wanted to turn around before too late, but I kept going.  
The surrounding environments of this road are thick vegetation and local field. There is cassava field if I wasn’t mistaken, on my left side. No local folk was seen here, it was possible that someone trapped me to this route, set an eye on my vulnerable soul. I was scared of my own wild imagination. What if a wicked witch came through the forest on my right side, chased after me to steal my soul, or else a burglar who subjected a lonely traveler’s possessions.  
Fortunately, there was no wicked witch who was nosing after my soul, let alone a burglar. I was relieved, down the road, was four children playing in the creek. They told me that village hall is at the end of the lane, so keep going. Meeting the local children was propably affected me positively. I no longer loathed this gravel road. I was beginning to feel affection to this road.
Passed the creek, the scenery isn’t bad at all. Beautiful, fascinating, and so peaceful. The dim light penetrated through trees canopy, a faint orange colour was floating in the thick vegetation surrounded me.I wouldn’t mind if I should pass by this road for another year (LOL lying).
Passed the creek, was when my motorcycle being so suck*d (sorry).  Ahead was a steep gravel road. My motorcycle was roaring when I shifted to the lowest gear. It refused to climb. What an ungrateful thing! I managed to push it along that steep road. I must be looked so ridiculous, what with the thick jacket, gloves, helmet and all.  But time was chasing me, there was no room for lamentation.
Just like what had been promised, at the end of the lane is village hall. At 07.55 I entered its parking lot. What an achievement. I really wanted to shout out loud to the brown canyon surrounded me. I made it!!!! My voice would reverberate, conveying all the happiness puffed up in my chest.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

Anyone happen to know this book?

The main character of the book was a boy, aged 10 or 11. He was quiet a normal boy, came from a good family and had much friends. One day, he took a routine jogging around the corner. When decided to take a de-tour, he accidentally passed suspicious animal husbandry. The place was new built, as far as his knowledge of the village perimeter, the place didn't exist a month ago. Located in the middle of the rice field, the place seemed reclusive. Not a usual place to build an animal husbandry. Yes, many poultryman in his village chose open field near rice field far from village, for the sanitary reason, but not too far from village road so that the place will be easily secured by village patrol at night. The village people were known to respect each others possesions, hence the term of thief was rarely heard amongst their folks. But, some passerby on village road hadn't bothered to respect this rule, so on the old days a couple of hens'd be taken by unknown from the henhouse. 
This place here was invincible, built far far away from the village road, the proprietor seemed not to aware  of petit theft by the so called passerby. As if by building the place in the middle of nowhere alone would repel any thief. The boy was naturally inquisitive, anything unusual'd surely draw his attention. Put off any politeness his parents had teached him since an infant, he jumped off low haywire fence surrounded the place, and had a look of the surrounded. There were 3 rows of bamboo made building, henhouse he presumed. He peeked on to the first row of building, near the fence. Inside were hundreds of hens, crowed merrily in the bamboo pens. A couple of sacks, piled up near the door. The interior of the henhouse'd be deemed vulgar by village folks, considering its level of luxury. An elaborated instrument with many vessels stood in the middle of henhouse, he had seen it in the western movie, and knew it as egg hatcher. The place was kept clean. A mingled smells of chicken pellets and something he only smelled on the hospital and clean room suffocated him. He moved his investigation on to the other henhouse, the inside was not so different from the former. 
The third building he mistakenly presumed as third henhouse was slightly different from the others. It was much smaller and turned out to be the bamboo shack. One story house for overseer. Another vulgar act. To hire an overseer to watch over the works in the husbandry was avoided in the village. The act was considered as vanity, and vanity was vice amongst the village folks. They prefer to tend the work in husbandry on their own, employing each member of the family. While the duty of security was handed on to village patrol. The fee of village patrol was collective fund taken each month from village cash. They condemned social inequality, as it was the roots of criminal act in the society. 
Obscured by tree trunk, he scrutinized the overseer house. A thin smoke hanged on the roof of the house, the smell of delicious food came out from its back. A minute later, the front door was pulled from the inside, a middle age man came out brought a pottery kettle, he had a athletic body and army look cut hair. He wore a fitted black shirt paired with old jeans and filth farm boots. His appearance reminded the boy of american farmer, minus straw hat and pitchfork. The man aimed a view on his direction, but didn't notice his existence. He took this chance to scrutinize the man face. To his surprise, he knew the man. The village criminal. 
The village criminal was the son of village mayor.  Once a good boy, brought up in a good family, the village criminal was exposed with foul and wrong environment. He befriended with mischievous kids from neighboring village. It was start with petit theft, chickens, fruits in the orchard,  and mischief manners like night strolling and took a joke to throw a garbage on to the villager's houses. One day they got bored and started a campfire on the village criminal family animal husbandry. People assumed that this gathering was involving hangover on their agenda. When the alcohol took their consience these brats started a fire on the animal husbandry. The animal husbandry was taken by a fire, hundreds of poultries were roasted by forced. It was nothing for village mayor, as the family fortunes were plenty. But the village criminal took a blame on to other kid, stated that he was the first to kindle the match. There was an outbreak as each kid put a blame on to the other, they fought each other. The village criminal accidentally stabbed one of the brats. He fled. The stabbed boy turned out to be OK, and they were sent back to be tended by their own family. Years and years people forgotten the accident, yet no one knew the whereabouts of the village criminal, including his family. 
Out of the blue, the village criminal came back to his family, but a days later, the group of polices from the nearby city taken him to the jail. The village folks was innocent on what  kind of criminal he committed. Only his family knew the truth. The boy was still an infant when this incident happened. 
The boy recognized the village criminal from the photograph he had seen in village mayor's house. The village criminal was older now, but his face was difficult to forget. 
The boy was stucked. he urged himself to flee from the place, yet his feet refused to move. To make it worse, he heard another voices came from the rice field hut located next to the overseer house. He saw his father, his uncle, Mr Agus (his bestfriend's father), and village mayor. They were gather in the circle, munched a village traditional snack. They boy wanted to scream, it couldn't be happen, his father, a nobleman was associated with a village criminal while the criminal should be in jail. Did he break the jail and flee?  Did the boy's father was part of whatever vile plans the village criminal'd commit?
Run, run, run, he should run and told the village folks.

Anyone get the general idea of this story and recognize the book with the same theme? 
No, oh sad, so I am the only one who have read the book, yet can't remember the title of the book.
The book was part of my childhood reading collection. I read it first at my elementary school (don't remember the exact age). One of my favourite book at that time, since the theme of adventure it brought was easy to conceive for me.
Now, 13 or 14 years later, the memory of the book is starting to fade. The writing above is fully my own improvisation, I made it up. I only remember a general idea of the book "a quiet inquisitive boy trying to investigate the life of ex-convict as poultryman, while also trying to uncover the relationship between his father and this ex-convict". I really want to read the book again, but the problem is I CANT REMEMBER THE TITTLE.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

I thought someone stabbed me on the back, but I was wrong

“Jadi pas aku KKN , dikerjain lah sama asisten ibunya, terus datanya aneh gitu” she spoke with the air of accusation in her voice. This accidental eavesdropping would meant nothing to me, had the speaker is unknown, but it happens to mean something and hurtful. For two reasons, I know the speaker and I suppose the asisten she spoken about is me. #Sigh

I felt the mingle of awkward and fury. Awkward because I heard someone spoke about me behind my back to her friend without realizing that I was on her vicinity, and fury because I am blameless in this case, but she talked as if all the responsibilities should be pointed at me. I know it is tactless to confided the full story in here, however I am the injured party here, and had a full privilege to call her ungrateful and childish (she surely as good as stabbed me on the back),  I would, if I got a chance, but self-restraint got the better of me.  At the moment she spoke, I sat with my back on her, I was happen to sit precisely in front of her. Fat chance she knew I was in front of her? I didn’t know. But the thing is, just when I am beginning to fell complacent and grateful about my duty for the past four months, someone slap my face, and it was indeed a wakeup call. 

Though I am surely have been trying to give my best, I can’t help that not all people surrounded me would be happy with my work. I agree about this general acknowledgement advice however,  this piece of fact of life is easily slipped off my mind due to my falsely complacent disposition. So, I hope this little accident will help me to grow up and be a better person. 

And writing about it is help me a lot to handle my temper. 

Now, reflect about that matter however, it is not as annoying as the first time I heard it. I might be wrong or misunderstood her voice, when maybe she only meant it as a lite chit chat with her friend to give a splash in the crowded library without any intention to blame me whatsoever. On the other hand,  I should realize her position regarding that matter, the matter is important for her, if anything it means the world to her (I don’t want to be clear about what the matter is really about, otherwise I would act ababil – the mixture of childish and tactless disposition :) ).

So, at the end I should feel sorry for myself. Though the fury was temporary, it was destructive and shouldn’t be last. 

Be a person with a billion of forgiveness. Be an open minded person with a million of empathies for the others.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Amazing Snowman by Barbara Jean Hicks

About 5 minutes ago, I took my so called 'night pilgrimage' to park my motorcycle in the garage. Just before I took a stair to my bedroom, I found this cute book lying around on the table...
So I picked it up and read the whole pages (for about 10 minutes)...#smiling through the process

Here are the beautiful proses from the book...
It has been translated to Bahasa Indonesia...

Ia berjalan
Ia bicara
Ia bahkan menyanyi
Tapi bukan hanya itu yang membuatnya istimewa!
Olaf istimewa karena
Ia selalu melihat hal-hal positif pada setiap orang
Saudaranya, Marshmallow, dianggapnya senang bercanda...
Sven si rusa kutub hanya berusaha mencium hidungnya...
dan Ratu Elsa serta Putri Anna selalu bersikap anggun dan penuh tata krama

Olaf istimewa karena
Ia menemukan keindahan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari...
dan karena ia berani bermimpi
Olaf bermimpi tentang istana-istana pasir...
dan kapal-kapal yang berlayar menuju cakrawala baru...
dan berenang bersama makhluk-makhluk laut yang ramah

Olaf bermimpi membubung tinggi di angkasa...
dan memetik buah segar...
dan bertemu teman-teman baru

Olaf istimewa karena baginya,
musim panas, musim dingin, setiap hari adalah petualangan...
dan setiap malam penuh kegembiaraan

Olaf istimewa karena ia tahu setiap akhir...
adalah kesempatan untuk memulai awal yang baru...
dan kesempatan
untuk mendapatkan pelukan hangat!

I know it's silly posting such kind of writing...this book is intended for kindergartners!!!
But never mind of "may or may not"
I love the proses
I was engrossed by the simplicity of the words
This should be a prove that I never lost my childhood sense...#yayyy I am excited

Always remember this, you may grow older, but never try to 'remove any childhood trace' within yourself. Because someday, this childhood trace is the only thread that you will hang on to as the world going crazier and crazier, and you almost lost your sanity.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tooth and Claw

Version : Ebook gratis - I am feeling guilty to confess that  (stand alone book)
Rate     : 8 out of 10
Author  : Jo Walton

Pernah baca atau nonton Pride and Prejudice-nya Jane Austen?
Oke, sekarang bayangkan Mr. Darcy berubah jadi naga, dan ohhh...ceritanya berubah menjadi Beauty and the Beast, tapi ini bukan hanya Mr. Darcy yang berubah menjadi naga, semua karakter dalam Pride and Prejudice juga berubah jadi naga, termasuk our beloved Elizabeth Bennet. Now, you got my words. Yes, Tooth and claw adalah fabel bergenre victorian romance dengan jalan cerita agak-agak mirip Pride and Prejudice, walaupun not entirely similar tapi ada sub-cerita yang mirip banget sama kisah Darcy-Bennet. 

Okee...lalu bagaimana saya bisa tau tentang novel ini? jawabannya karena saya suka cari referensi novel genre Young Adult di , dan review novel ini bagus.

"Here is a tale of a family dealing with the death of their father, a son who goes to court for his inheritance, a son who agonizes over his father’s deathbed confession, a daughter who falls in love, a daughter who becomes involved in the abolition movement, and a daughter sacrificing herself for her husband.

Here is what sounds for all the world like an enjoyable Victorian novel, perhaps by Anthony Trollope…except that everyone in the story is a dragon, red in tooth and claw.

Here are politics and train stations, churchmen and family retainers, courtship, and country houses…in which, on the death of an elder, family members gather to eat the body of the deceased. In which society’s high and mighty members avail themselves of the privilege of killing and eating the weaker children, which they do with ceremony and relish, growing stronger thereby.

You have never read a novel like Tooth and Claw" (

Dragon stories are alluring...I personally can't restrain myself to pick any kind of dragon books.

Jarang sekali ada novel yang mengisahkan naga sebagai civilized creature. Dalam beberapa buku bahkan naga dikisahkan sebagai magical creature yang telah punah, naga lebih banyak diceritakan sebagai makhluk individual bukan makhluk sosial. Namun, Jo Walton berhasil menghidupkan sebuah komunitas naga yang amat mirip dengan penggambaran masyarakat Inggris di zaman viktoria tanpa kesan wagu dan 'gagal paham'.

Komunitas naga dalam Tooth and Claw digambarkan sebagai masyarakat dengan sistem adat serta kelas sosial yang terdiri dari dignified sebagai kelas terbawah, kemudian berturut-turut sampai kelas teratas illustrious, exalted, august, dan eminent. Bisa pastikan, masyarakat yang diatur dalam kelas-kelas sosial cenderung kolot, snobbish, dan amat mementingkan bibit, bebet, bobot dalam perkawinan. Sangat mustahil naga betina dari kelas dignified menikah dengan naga jantan dari kelas eminent kecuali si naga betina membawa dowry  atau mas kawin dengan jumlah yang disetujui oleh keluarga calon pasangan. Di golongan luar kelas sosial yang disebutkan tadi, terdapat pula golongan yang memiliki immunity dan dihormati oleh semua golongan kelas, disebut Priest (namanya selalu berawalan Blessed). Priest berperan sebagai pemuka agama dan tinggal dalam sebuah komunitas yang disebut parsonage (jadi inget Mr. William Collins sepupu Mr. Bennet yang ditolak lamarannya oleh Elizabeth Bennet). Secara pemuka agama, priest boleh memilih pasangan dari golongan manapun.
Karena ada pemuka agama, pastinya komunitas naga ini punya sistem kepercayaan pula. Jo Walton menciptakan istilah God seperti Camran, Jurale, Yarge. Sistem kepercayaan modern mempercayai Camran sebagai Tuhan, namun terdapat pula sekte terlarang yang disebut Old believer yang percaya bahwa Yarge adalah perwujudan Camran.

Jo Walton memang pendongeng handal, dunia naga yang diciptakan dalam Tooth and Claw ini sebenarnya amat sangat sulit untuk diterima akal (seperti Harry Potter), seperti misalnya ada pesta debutante untuk naga, naga menggunakan bonnet dan topi, naga menggunakan tas, naga naik kereta api, wagu banget sebenarnya tapi akal kita dikalahkan oleh kehandalan Jo Walton dalam bercerita. Her ingenious flair leaves us in amazement!

Tooth and Claw dibuka dengan kematian Bon Agornin.
"Bon Agornin writhed on his deathbed, his wings beating as if he would fly to his new life in his old body. The doctors had shaken their heads and left, even his daughters had stopped telling him he was about to get well. He put his head down on the scant gold in his great draughty undercave, struggling to keep still and draw breath"
Beautiful opening, isn't it?
Begitu melihat rate novel ini yang bagus di thebooksmugglers saya tidak ragu-ragu untuk langsung membacanya. Walaupun saya gak sempat membaca resensi ceritanya secara full. Tapi begitu membaca paragraf pertama ini, saya langsung penasaran, pembukaanya gak cliche, jadi pengen lanjut baca.

Cerita pun kemudian berkembang, fokus dari cerita novel ini adalah kehidupan anak-anak Bon Agornin pasca kematiannya. Penn anak tertua merupakan priest terkemuka dan hidup dalam sebuah parsonage bersama istri dan anak-anaknya, namun pasca kematian ayahnya Penn harus menyimpan rahasia, karena di detik-detik terakhir sebelum kematiannya, Bon Agornin memberikan pengakuan pada Penn, dan Penn melakukan hal yang dilarang dalam agamanya. Tindakan ini dapat mengancam posisinya sebagai pemuka agama. Berend adalah telur tetasan kedua. Berend menikah dengan seorang naga yang haus akan kekuasaan dan tidak segan-segan berlaku keji pada naga lain yang lebih lemah termasuk keluarga dan anak-anaknya sendiri, Illustrious Daverak. Naga tetasan ketiga adalah Avan. Avan is living in sins with his partner Sebeth. Telur tetasan terakhir adalah Haner dan Selendra. Mereka berdua dilahirkan bersamaan (saat masih telur), sangat menyayangi satu sama lain. Namun, setelah kematian Bon Agornin mereka berdua harus berpisah, Haner tinggal bersama kelurga Illustrious Daverak dan Selendra tinggal bersama Penn. Keduanya pun membuat sister's vow sebelum berpisah.

Cerita mulai menarik ketika muncul perselisihan antara keluarga Bon Agornin dengan Illustrious Daverak. Avan yang merasa tidak terima dengan tindakan Daverak yang menelan terlalu banyak bagian tubuh ayahnya, bertekad untuk menuntut Daverak di pengadilan. Sementara Haner mendapati bahwa kakak perempuannya Berend dan juga Daverak melakukan tindakan keji demi meraih kekuasaan. Situasi semakin membingungkan bagi Haner, ketika Berend harus tewas dan hubungannya dengan Londaver harus "digantung" karena Berend tidak memiliki mas kawin yang cukup untuk menikah dengan Londaver (Mirip banget nasibnya Jane Bennet sama Bingley). Berend pun menjadi korban kemarahan Daverak saat Daverak tahu bahwa Avan menuntutnya di pengadilan. Sementara saudaranya ada dalam bahaya, kehidupan Selendra bersama Penn justru penuh cinta (hehehehe...). Di parsonage Selendra bertemu dengan Sher (seorang exalt), dan mereka jatuh cinta. Dicintai oleh seorang exalt ternyata tidak membawa keberuntungan bagi Selendara, karena Selendra juga menyimpan rahasia besar dalam hidupnya, ditambah lagi Exalted Benandi orang tua Sher menentang habis-habisan hubungan mereka karena perbedaan status sosial (Mirip cerita Elizabeth Bennet - Darcy).

I hope, I do not  reveal too much...I'll let you find out by reading the book yourself.

Kalau saya bilang naga-naga dalam Tooth and Claw tetap terjaga sisi magisnya. Mereka tetap digambarkan sebagai makhluk yang kuat, conceited, suka menimbun harta dan hidup di dalam gua-gua. Sisi lethal mereka juga tetap ditunjukkan dalam novel ini. Jadi jangan khawatir kalau naganya berubah jadi "banci" karena ceritanya bergenre victorian romance.

Sebagai penutup, saya tampilkan quotes-quotes favorit saya dari novel Tooth and Claw 

 "Selendra took a few bites of her beef in silence. Then she looked up, her big violet eyes brimming with tears and whirling rapidly. “Why are you all looking at me without speaking?” she asked. “I have done nothing wrong, nothing. I am not in disgrace. I refuse to be.”
“Of course you are not,” Haner said, going to her sister at once and folding her wings around her. “Come away to our own cave and rest, you’ll soon be well again

I’ll wait,” she said, staying where she was. “But waiting indefinitely without any fixed thing to wait for is very difficult.”
“You’re completely free to change your mind at any time,” he said quickly. “If someone else makes you an offer. I was thinking I’d tell you that in that case I’d never marry another, which is what heroes say in stories, and really how I feel, but of course you know, I’d have to, because of the family. There’s an obligation, if you’re the heir, whatever you privately feel. But I’d always be sorry

 "It wasn’t entirely true, and both dragons knew how and where it was not entirely true, but they nodded to each other. And there, as Sher came to join them, as Avan and Sebeth waited to be greeted, as Penn danced with Felin and Haner with Londaver, as the servants carried heavy trays of refreshments about the room, we shall leave them to take refuge in the comfort of gentle hypocrisy."

Night, night,


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pentingnya Berpikir (+)

Kayaknya bukan cuma saya yang pernah berada di posisi "Menunggu Keputusan". Namanya makhluk sosial, yang pasti ada hierarki dalam hidup ini. Ada pihak yang berkuasa, di sini disebut sebagai pemberi keputusan, dan pihak bawahan (orang yang menunggu keputusan). Perumpamaan ini jangan langsung dihubung-hubungkan dengan keputusan interview pekerjaan ya...mentang-mentang pake istilah atasan dan bawahan. Yang namanya "menunggu keputusan" gak cuma soal interview pekerjaan soalnya, banyak contoh lainnya. Dan pokoknya My body and mind are in the state of "waiting for the decision", for the good hopefully

Saya orang yang gak terlalu suka "rame-rame" jadilah saya pilih curhat lewat blog, walaupun mungkin kalo curhat di medsos jadi banyak yang doain sih. Tapi kalo masalah doa mending minta langsung secara tatap muka ke orang-orang sekitar kali ya...Biar lebih afdhol.
Kalo lagi nunggu keputusan gini bawaanya uring-uringan, campuran antara deg-degan dan gelisah. 
But, Hey anak muda...manusia itu memang sumber keonaran, kalo gak ada tools yang secara universal disebut sebagai agama, hidup kita pastilah sudah kacau balau. 

Semua yang terjadi di dunia ini sudah digariskan oleh Allah SWT. Sering saya lupa diri, dan penyakit uring-uringan pun muncul. Tapi begitu ada yang mengingatkan, saya mulai calm down, ngapain harus pusing-pusing mikirin sesuatu yang sebenarnya sudah jadi Qodarullah, santai saja, yang penting kita sudah berusaha dan tawakal untuk mencapai sesuatu yang kita inginkan. Tugas utama kita sampai keputusan itu datang adalah Berpikiran POSITIF. 

I am not going to elaborate further about my own problem, biarlah saya sendiri yang tau ya... pokoknya sekarang ini saya lagi berusaha berpikiran positif. Gambar yang ada di depan mata saya adalah gambar saya yang telah berhasil meraih apa yang saya cita-citakan. 

Inti dari berpositif thinking adalah tidak kehilangan harapan dan yakin pada Kehendak Allah SWT, karena hanya Allah SWT - lah yang tahu apa yang terbaik bagi kita. Dalam Al-Quran disebutkan seperti ini :
"...and never give up of Allah's Mercy. Certaintly no one despair of Allah's Mercy, except the people who disbelieve" (Q.S Yunus 12:87)
Kecuali kalo Anda-anda mau disebut sebagai orang yang tidak beriman, maka boleh-boleh saja hilang harapan pada Rahmat Allah SWT. 

Kalau kita sudah berusaha dan bertawakal, maka sekarang tinggal berdoa sambil menunggu keputusan (for the good - again). Memangnya mau ngapain lagi kalo gak berdoa? untuk hal-hal yang sudah di luar kendali kita sebagai manusia, ya biarlah Allah SWT yang mengambil alih. Kita ini makhluk yang secara alamiah lemah kok, kekuatan kita ya tinggal doa. Seperti disebutkan dalam Q.S Ali Imran (3:160) :
"If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after him? and in Allah (alone) let believers put their trust
Dengan berdoa tandanya kita yakin pada Allah SWT. Keyakinan ini 10000000000000000 kali lebih cerdas dibandingkan Einstein, 10000000000000000 lebih indah dibandingkan pemandangan di Maldives, dan 10000000000000000 lebih kuat dari Mas Agung Hercules (iyuhhhhhhh...).
Dengan berdoa kita mengharapkan keajaiban, dan siapa yang bisa memberi keajaiban kalau bukan Allah SWT. 

Dan kata-katanya doa ini akan lebih mabrur kalo dibarengi dengan tindakan. Tindakan di sini ya maksudnya ibadah. 
Pernah ada kakak angkatan yang cerita gini (ehhh kakak angkatan bukan ya? aduh aku lupa banget, pokoknya ada yang ngomong langsung ke aku).
Si narasumber ini dulunya lagi berusaha daftar-daftar beasiswa (dan sekarang sudah berhasil dapet beasiswa terus cusss ke luar negeri buat jadi pelajar Indonesia di negeri asing), 
"banyak-banyak berdoa lewat sholat dan pererat  silaturahmi dengan orang-orang terdekat"

Sudah jam 00:05, lebih baik saya segera tidur yaaa...biar besok gak jadi zombie.
Sebelum mengakhiri tulisan ini, saya cuma mau bilang, saya gak ada niatan buat ngajarin siapapun ya...ini tulisan sebenarnya bentuk upaya saya untuk mengingatkan diri saya sendiri bahwa saya harus selalu berpikiran positif. 



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'M BACK, yuhuuuu!

Terakhir kali saya menulis di blog ini 23 September 2012
My God, hampir 2 tahun blog ini tidak berpenghuni #menyeramkan (shhhhh...gara-gara nulis "menyeramkan" pikiran saya jadi ngelantur ke hal-hal horor, dasar penakut T.T)

Anyway, beberapa kali sempat terpikir untuk nulis lagi di blog, tapi tidak pernah kesampaian, yang alasan sibuk kuliah profesi, sibuk pkpa, setelah sumpahan profesi jadi sibuk mikirin kerjaan, setelah resign dari kerjaan tambah sibuk cari sekolah dan beasiswa, wahhhh intinya selama 2 tahun ini, keinginan untuk nulis di blog 'gak kuat-kuat amat' jadilah blog ini terbengkalai.

Terus ada cerita apa selama hampir 2 tahun ini? 
Gak ada yang spesial sebenarnya, tapi tetep banyak cerita (for those who care to listen because this story might be unbearably boring LoL)
Pertama saya ingin cerita tentang novel-novel apa saja yang sudah saya baca selama hampir 2 tahun ini. 
Nyengir lebar banget, kalau liat halaman goodreads saya, list novel-novelnya sudah lebih bermutu dan lebih berbobot (halamannya tebel-tebel hehehe...), gak melulu young adult atau fantasy tapi ada sastranya pula.

Keinginan untuk membaca sastra terkenal dunia sebenarnya sudah ada dari dulu-dulu, tapi baru baca halaman pertama, langsung tutup buku, ngantuk...
Semakin berumur, mungkin jadi semakin penyabar ya...sekarang sebosen apapun, tetep lanjut, karena dalam prinsip hidup saya, gak ada novel yang jelek, tiap novel itu selalu punya sisi yang menarik untuk dinikmati, if only we care to struggle to finish it till the last page
Dan sekarang saya juga jadi lebih mahir membedakan novel tipe 'aman' dan 'vulgar'. Dulu sering banget buang-buang duit, beli novel yang pada akhirnya gak selesai dibaca, karena di tengah-tengah halaman menemukan sisi vulgar cerita dalam novel, langsung risih bacanya, tutup novel, lempar ke tembok (gak sampai di lempar ke tembok juga sih, tapi gondok juga, beli mahal-mahal akhirnya gak selesai, cerita akhirnya ya nebak-nebak sendiri, dengan jalan cerita yang lebih sopan khas orang Timur).
Game of Thrones Series (smirking...) walaupun udah kentara banget vulgarnya (ngeri banget loh malah vulgarnya), tapi sisi fantasi novel ini menarik banget buat disimak, kompleks, mesmerizing, unpredictable, so honest and true, I almost forget for a while that the actual story was only existed in the mind of George Martin , yet I thought game of thrones stories were existed in our world, in the past. 
Begitulah seharusnya novel yang berkualitas, we as a reader, couldn't help to believe that the story is real (as real as a cloud in the sky) , walaupun pada label bukunya jelas-jelas tertulis FICTION.
Jadi begitulah, karena kesukaan saya memang novel asing, sangat sulit untuk menghindari 'sisi vulgar' yang memang sudah menjadi ciri khas orang Barat. Karena sekarang semakin mahir membedakan jenis-jenis novel, prioritas saya kalau memilih novel adalah pengetahuan apa yang akan saya dapat setelah membaca novel tersebut. Mempertimbangkan risk and benefit ratio , kalau kira-kira pengetahuan yang akan saya dapat lebih banyak dibandingkan kerugiannya, yaa why not, I'll give it a try.

Nah, kalau mau baca novel yang benar-benar aman tanpa mengandung unsur tabu dalam budaya Timur, jangan baca novel modern (kecuali children book), baca novel lawas dengan setting abad 18 atau 19 an yang masih bisa ditemui hehehe... Tapi jangan baca Dicken, Tolstoy, atau Hemingway (kapan-kapan pengen nulis tentang mereka, walaupun gak tau-tau amat, tapi dikit-dikit ngerti lah...--- bahasa macam apa ini "tau-tau amat, dikit-dikit ngerti" pfffft)
Terus baca apa?
Baca novel yang ditulis oleh penulis wanita (kenapa????? aku bahas di tulisan selanjutnya aja ya, kapan-kapan)

Angry reader is complaining : tulisan macam apa ini!!!!!!!!! muter-muter tanpa alur, gak jelas, pake sok-sok bikin penasaran, maunya apa sih!!!!!
Me     : ohooooo...this is my own blog, I have a perfect liberty to write any kind of rubbish here, do not complain, I have a set of light saber (loh malah jadi STAR WARS hehehe...)

Jadi itu, bacalah novel lawas dengan setting abad 18 atau 19an. Karya literatur terkenal dunia banyak bermunculan di abad 18 dan 19an juga.

Nah, selama hampir 2 tahun itulah, waktu hidup saya, saya abdikan untuk membaca karya literatur lawas. Selain memperkaya khasanah sejarah dunia juga hati rasanya tenang, karena ceritanya pasti masih aman terkendali. 
Beberapa karya literatur lawas yang sudah berhasil saya tamatkan adalah :
1. To kill a mockingbird
    Untuk yang keseratus kalinya saya baca novel ini.
2. Gone with the wind
    Oyeahhhh Rhett Butler, Honestly my dear, I dont give a damn!!!
3. Pride and prejudice
    My darcy!!!!!
4. The adventure of huckleberry finn
    Following the story of this little brat, hehehehe...seru!!!
5. Fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe
    After reading this novel, my self tolerance is increased, I don't care if I'm silly, different, shallow, the most important thing is I love my family, and I care about them.
6. Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
    ini novel anak-anak sebenernya (young adult), tapi settingnya di abad 18an
7. Tooth and Claw
    Gara-gara baca ini jadi keranjingan victorian romance.

Masing-masing novel di atas pengen saya bahas satu-satu di blog ini. Karena reading all those novels is really a life-changing experience dan saya ingin membagikan cerita tersebut kepada kalian Oooo dear reader who care to read this writing.

Night night


P.S : the picture is the courtesy of GOOGLE image -- matur nuwun mbah GOOGLE