Monday, March 12, 2018

Part 2 : The Government Decision

Gudia walked across the hallway to General Bukhori office. She got early memo from him this morning stating urgent meeting. He did understand that today was her day off from working, but to force her to wake up at 5 a.m in order to get to the Army Headquarter at 6 a.m was infuriating. Her body needed to recover from physical shock due to a violent storm in South Pole. She just arrived in her apartment at 2 a.m , listened to voice mail from her parents, and then fallen unconsciously to her bed. When suddenly, the alarm from The Tele went off telling her that the mighty general wanted to see her as soon as possible.
Dragging her pitiful body, she took a cab to Headquarter while listening to cab driver complaint of the traffic.
“What is wrong with these people, why are they thronging on the road like that?” Gudia asked
“The news from Jakarta of course, pros and cons, we are heading to World War III” The cab driver shouted while honking the car horn violently
“Oiiii…what is it?” Gudia almost screamed
“Sorry, maam, it is the driver in the front, he stopped without warning, surprissed me”
“Alright, drive nicely, I need to sleep for a while” Gudia rested her head to car couch
At 5.30 she arrived at Headquarter. Exactly what she wanted to be 30 minutes too early, thus she would get enough preparation for asking around or eavesdropping of the News from General office. She had been away from the civilisation too long that her thirst of news was inundated. The morning light illuminated the hallway to General office. Officer passed by gave her saluted. She looked at their military insignia but still could not recognise their military rank. Whatever, they were all in army, what else matter.
At 5.45 She arrived at General office, but apparently someone was inside at the moment. Exactly what she wanted. She inadvertently stand very still in front of key hole, sometimes if she listened carefully, the air could carry the sound from the inside of the office.
“It is inhuman” She listened to deeper voice of a male, must be General Bukhori.
“But they are not human Bukhori, both are not human anymore. Draining our money for personal use, too much of them in this country, they are vermints to our world” The other voice answered
“Nearly two third of the world leaders agreed, and will follow suit soon. At least a week at the most, they have more than enough resources compare to us” The other voice continued. Gudia didn’t recognized this voice, might be close acquaintance of General Bukhori.
“What could we do then?. Our current wars now, this new disease, it really tears me down” General Bukhori asked.
“It tears down every living soul in this planet, this madness. What could we do is doing our best” The other voice replied.
Gudia heard the footsteps approching toward the door. She step away from the door. The door was opened form inside revealing two figures, General Bukhori and his acquaintance.
“Aaaah my favourite niece” General Bukhori greeted her gleefully.
“This, Sosro Budiman, is my niece I told you about, the next David Attenborough from Indonesia, best Naturalist of the world” General Bukhori continued, “And Gudia, this is General Sosro Budiman from Surabaya Headquarter, you can call him General SB”
Gudia and General SB shook hand to each other.
“My uncle was bragging General SB, just don’t believe what he said, I am not that good”
General SB chuckled “Well, I am not only hearing your achievements from your uncle, young lady. Your achievements are posted everywhere, new species hahhh…excellent, excellent”
“Thank you, Sir” Gudia smiled widely.
The sun has started to rise, giving Gudia a clear view of two military figures in front of her. His uncle was tall man, heavy built body, wearing green military uniform with red and white flag adorned in his sleeves. His dimples on both cheek always been his interesting value. As her mother always said, his smile brighten up the day owed to the dimples. General SB on the other hand was slender man, he seemed no more older than her uncle, probably late 40. He was of Chinese descent, Gudia noticed.  
“Well, I will have my flight in two hours, and I still need to taste the breakfast menu you told me about, Khori. Don’t let me interrupt your upcoming meeting with your niece” General SB proceed.
“Not at all, SB. Your visit is always been an excitement for me, regardless the news you bring. Anyway you know the way to the Resto, Sergent Arief will meet you there”
Both military figures were chuckled and waved each other goodbye.
“So, Gudia come in” Her uncle beckoned her to come inside.
The General office was brightly lit. Each side of the wall was covered with Battlefield map. Such nauseating sight, Gudia thought. Her uncle desk was positioned near the big window.
“So, how’s the penguins?” Her uncle asked.
“They are fine uncle, this is nesting season for them, soon we will expecting new-comers. The new species are more gentle in term of mating, takes a long time for them to start” Gudia explained.
Her uncle chuckled “Such an uptight species they are, I presume. Anyway have you heard enough of the news?”
“What I heard this morning, help me for speculating. A throng of citizen in the city center, cab driver’s prediction of world war III, the inhuman decision. Must be something to do with the zombies, am I correct uncle?
“Eavesdropping again yet partly correct. You haven’t read the morning newspaper then. You should if you are away from the civilization for a long time”
Gudia complained “Well, you didn’t let me remember. I just arrived this early morning, Uncle. I felt ache all over my body, strucked by heavy storm in Antartica. Would you care”?
“I understand Gudia, and I must apologize. However, the current situation will not let me wait until later. The President wants to relocate the Zombies to Antartica”
Gudia shivered and felt the silent reverberated through her surrounding.
“That man has been destroying the natural habitat with his Natural Prison. Now, he wants to destroy it even more. It has been a long strive for preserving our nature uncle, our ancestor has neglected the duty, now the duty is in our generation, we have came a long way to this day, when nature and technology are in balance equity, only to be destroyed again in the name of revolution. I don’t understand”
“But you can not forget that The President has revolutionized our morality through his Natural Prison”
“I don’t know Uncle. The wars are still raging on. Off shore, on air, oil war, gold war. Talking about morality it is counter-productive. Moreover, I pity the nature for destruction that human being made”
Both were silent.
Gudia thought about the Natural Prison law that had been enacted 50 years by The President. The President of Indonesia was elected when he was no more than 30 years old. He started his career in the parliament and had been a vocal member ever since. He was a great help for building the country into its prominence as now. The President despised convicted criminals, most of all the corruptors. He enacted a law for relocated the convicted criminals into the pristine reclusive nature according to their level of criminality. Started with social work in the community for petty theft and living in the pristine rain forest, mountain forest, even the poles for the greater criminals. The President decreed that living in nature would restore the morality of the convicted criminal into its original state, just like the first human on earth, Adam and Eve.
This seemed efficient. Several countries followed suit in the first 10 years of its installment. Now, 40 years later the whole world had been carrying out the same step. All convicted criminals were imprisoned in the nature, or The Moor as people called it. They had been separated from the civilization by the vast ocean. Such an impossibility to escape.
General Bukhori broke the silent. “The zombies have becoming so aggressive. One bite and you turn to be just like them in instant. They seem indestructable. They were just like us, now they are monster”
“What make you sure that they are monster. If lions attack you, you can not call them monster. They act on their own instinct to protect their perimeter, it could be the same with the Zombies”
General Bukhori massaged his temple “I don’t want to argue about the natural instinct of the Zombies, Gudia. They are a threat, this is clear for all of us. Our troops can not hold them any longer in the Facility, not to mention the Facility is far too close with our civilization”
“Just relocate them to the War Zone then, end of discussion” Gudia argued.
“You are so heartless young lady. It is impossible since it is against the War Law. We have our troops, good men,  in the war zone, it could jeopardize them. Initially, The President is in two minds. The choices are between The nature or The Moor”
“That would be the hell on earth for the convicted criminals if we relocate the Zombies to The Moor. But we also could not neglect the animals in the nature that could be the fresh meat for the Zombies” His uncle continued.
“But the Zombies could be a punishment for the convicted criminals. This seems to be morally right” Her uncle bowed his head as if ashamed of his own notion.
“Why telling me this, Uncle?”
“The President will starts the voting today at 9 a.m, aside from parliament, he also wants the army to vote. I want to loose a burden in my shoulder, Gudia, and I need you to help me”
“What do you want me to do, Uncle?”
“Telling the world that once again The Nature can sustain the human intervention”

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Part 1 : The Zombie Like Beings

The scientists said that our world was no longer in threat of pathogenic bacteria, allergens, parasites, nor virus. Our drinking water had provided a booster for our immune system, making it evolved into superior immune system that recognised harmful external threats as merely harmless things, and successfully turned these things into their food, to make it even more powerful.
The scientists said that we were now living in a diseased free world. No more cancer, no more pathogens, we were as healthy as the first human living on earth, yet our world was contaminated by unexplained ailment.
There were a lot of reports recently, that several people in the big cities were turned into zombie like being. The scientists called it mind disease, while us simply called it mad, an ancient disease. These people showed early symptom of antisocial manners. They were distant to us and they behaved differently to our standard. I remembered one day watching television with my mother, she called these people as a freak and community trash, when I asked “Are they criminal, Mama?”, she answered “No, no, no, they were good citizen like us, no criminal record whatsoever, just ungrateful with life”, then she breathed heavily, as if the next sentence would be a burden for her “It makes them into freak and community trash”
At that time I didn’t understand with my mother’s explanation nor today. I was 10 at that time, while now I was 16. The concept of “ungrateful with life” bothered me and baffled me at the same time.
These zombie like beings roamed the city in the daylight. They walked listlessly, unaware of our presence, just walked with blank stare. The worst was, these beings ran amok in the night, as if complained to our treatment to them, they were angry that in the daylight we ignored then, hence in the night they called for our attention.
At first, these beings were no more than a petit intervention for night polices, but each day the number seemed growing, all big cities in the world had a same problem. It wore down the night polices. Right now they could no longer handle these beings. The solution was locked them in The Facility. The Facility was powered by 24 hours lights. These lights seemed to soothe the zombie like beings, they no longer ran amok in the night due to the constant light in The Facility. However, one case in New York created a panic attack to the world. A facility officer in New York was bitten by one of The being there when he was in duty to feed them. He got fever and red eyes for a week. At the 7 days after being bitten, he acted strangely, according to his colleagues in The Facility. His back was hunched, he twitched constantly, and walked with blank stare. Apparently, he became one of The being.
The news was spread across the world. It created unprecedented panic. The hundred years of living without disease has made us into frail beings, we didn’t want to suffer again like our ancestor. The world began to build the protection against The Zombie Like Beings, we treated them like a new world disease.
The goverments conveyed trained and protected officer to secure each Facility in the world. It was as if the immune reaction had materialized into the physical universe. The Zombie Like Beings were the external threats, while the trained officers were our immune cells, ready to protect us against external threat. So the history had lived up all over again.
The scientist revised their former notion, “We do not live in a disease free world anymore, our world is in threat of new world disease, the mind disease”


Friday, February 16, 2018

There is always be more behind each story…..

It is not only once that I am questioning my own decision. Of regret, that better possibilities were rolled up before my eyes instead of the one that I took. The life that I lead on is seemed so insufficient, or else I am being ingrateful.
For stopping is out of question, because my heart is too delicate for witnessing so many hearts broken….

Courtesy of Diah Chandra A.

Sering sekali saya mempertanyakan setiap keputusan yang saya ambil dalam hidup, terutama hidup yang saya jalani saat ini. Jika melihat saya di masa lalu, tentu tidak pernah terbayangkan bahwa keputusan semacam inilah yang akan saya jalani. Betapa ambisiusnya saya mengejar mimpi saat itu. Masalah banyak yang harus dikorbankan terutama orang-orang di sekitar saya, itu urusan nanti. Aktualisasi diri dan mengejar mimpi adalah fokus saya saat itu.

But then, something happened and I knelt down to the inevitable. I chose to STAY and bid my time for continuing my pursuit. The pursuit should wait some other time, for the time being I should  maintain a ceasefire with destiny, unpack my suitcase, and STAY.

Betapa manusia sebenarnya adalah makhluk yang tanpa daya. Sekeras apapun kita berusaha, ketika Tuhan sudah berfatwa kita hanya bisa tunduk dan mengikuti.

Tidak pernah ada yang salah dengan setiap pilihan dalam hidup. Setiap pilihan merupakan sesuatu yang telah digariskan oleh Tuhan pada setiap manusia. To think that we are powerfull over our own life is a vanity. Maka dari itu salah besar jika kita menyalahkan diri kita atas keputusan yang telah kita ambil ataupun menyesali sesuatu yang sudah terjadi. TO LEAVE OR TO STAY IS NEITHER RIGHT OR WRONG.

But, If I were to choose other possibilities, life could be much better.

Yakinkah? Belum tentu. Things could have been much worse. We never know!

Jadi jalani sajalah, apa yang sudah menjadi keputusan kita saat ini.
Yang terpenting, bersyukur dan jangan pernah menurunkan standar hidup kita dengan cara membandingkan hidup kita dengan orang lain!. Setiap manusia punya jalan hidupnya masing-masing. Betapa bodohnya jika berpikir bahwa seandainya kita menjalani hidup seperti yang orang lain pilih, maka hidup kita akan lebih baik.

It might be a bit cheesy, but let me say this out loud, EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN BATTLE TO FIGHT FOR.

Selalu ada implikasi di setiap pilihan yang kita ambil. Belum tentu kita mampu mengatasi implikasi tersebut ketika kita memilih jalan hidup yang dipilih orang lain. Begitupun sebaliknya. Every living soul has their own path in life. Jika memang belum sekarang bisa jadi nanti, jika memang harus menunggu maka menunggulah dengan sabar. Yang dinanti dan dikejar akan tercapai pada waktunya.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Lies in the West Outskirt of Purbalingga Regency? (Part 1)

“If one successfully strive to go beyond his boundaries, one’d consider himself has carried out an undertaking, thus believe he has achieved something.”

For me, I believe I achieved something two days ago, by taking unusual undertaking, not to get lost on the new and unfamiliar route of the lone trip. Given my poor navigation ability, I rarely arrive in particular places without getting lost first. Since being lost in track is happen too often on each of my new trip, I get used to it. I never bother to check on GPS apps the right route, however. Lost in track, if I may to use this term, is salvage moment. I am naturally a daydreamer, let me alone a minute or so, and my mind’d wander far beyond reality. Taking a wrong and unfamiliar route is give me so much space to open up my mind on imagining every non sense I could reach.
But, two days ago, I hadn’t been given any chance to take a wrong route. I should arrive at Panunggalan Village Hall on time. I wasn’t so lucky at that time, first because my friend, who had agreed to pick me up, at the certain point of downtown area, got up late, so I should go there by myself. Second, the route to Panunggalan isn’t familiar for me, it would be my first ever trip. The trip gonna be a turmoil if the rain come, I felt alarmed. In this unpredictable season, being alarmed of the weather all the time isn’t a sin. Even the sunny day couldn’t indicate that rain wouldn’t come at once. Well prepared is a must. I covered myself with thick jacket, put on mask and a pair of gloves. My raincoat had been secured savely in the baggage. Out of the habit, I also checked on my GPS apps before left home. Twenty eight point one km and could be reached by car for 41 minutes (could be faster by motorcycle), here came a good news, the route isn’t to complicated, mostly straight route, I was eager and excited.

GPS apps interface, the distance from Mangunegara to Panunggalan

The west part of Purbalingga Regency was probably only a figment of my imagination, since I had never taken a step in that area, though I have been living in Purbalingga since I was in a craddle. Once maybe, I accidentally passed Klawing bridge and a half km beyond, no further than that, so the rest of the area was a complete mistery for me, until I took this trip. FYI, Panunggalan village is situated in district of Pengadegan. It takes 30 minutes according to my friend (native of Panunggalan) to reach downtown of Purbalingga from Panunggalan.  Through a peek on the map, I know that this village is (to be exacted) situated in the west outskirt of Purbalingga, near Banjarnegara Regency. With the total area of 3.655.000 square metres, it is the 7 largest area in district of Pengadegan. 

Panunggalan, on the read circle

   Half of the trip was run smoothly. Entering district of Pengadegan area, the scenery surrounded me changed into a rows of never ending makeshift gasoline stalls. This was outrageous, since I just passed gasoline station in Kalikajar. Why would people go to the gasoline stalls if the gasoline station is in the vicinity? My enquiry was answered. Apparently along the Pengadegan area there is no gasoline station available, the one I passed by in Kalikajar is probably the last gasoline station supply for the tralevers who come and go to district of Pengadegan. Even in a small regency like Purbalingga, I never imagine that there would be a place where gasoline station is scarces. Minimarket franchise like Alf*m*rt or Ind*m*rt are abundant, available almost at every corner of small village in Purbalingga, why gasoline station can be abundant too, especially in a busy route like this? Isn’t a fuels almost being a primary need in our modern society, equal with people needs of personal vehicles like cars or motorcycles. Isn’t it a prominent factor in goods and services distribution? (My question would only go to the void). It is, in my opinion is “need to do fast” duty of the authority or else stakesholders. (Personally , I don’t understand what am I talking about,so lets move on).

Besides makeshift gasoline stalls, along the trip my eyes,  were spoiled by beautiful sloppy hills with a thick vegetation. The distance between each dwelling is getting far away, apart from car or motorcycle horns, the surrounded felt quiet. Probably not recommended to take a trip alone in this road after twilight. Before, entering Panunggalan region, I relied on passerbies to make sure that I was on the right route, their advices were simple “ just go straight on this road, go straight, it is situaded near Banjarnegara”. Just like presumption, the route isn’t too complicated.

GPS apps is part of our modern lifestyle, it is replaced the function of conventional maps as well as the current best guide for a travelers, as long as the phone signal is available. So what if you are stranded in unknown whereabout with a limited phone signal coverage?. Asking the local folks is the utmost sensible way. But make sure you ask the reliable person, if you don’t want to end up like me.

So what happened?

Hehehe, I will tell you, tighten your seatbelt dear passengers. 

After what seemed to be an endless trip on the narrow concrete winding road (yeahhh…Grapes of Wrath, anyone?), I arrived in Panunggalan region (in the outskirt). My next duty would be to find the exact position of the village hall. Either it was my bad luck or the local folk to whom I asked wasn’t too reliable, I took a very harsh route, the one that probably local pedestrians take as a shortcut. While it helps the local pedestrians to cut down their journey, it is definitely not a proper route for motorcycle, however.
Forgive me not to provide any photograph of this harsh route, I will if had a chance, but situation didn’t give me a permission to do so, not only it was hard to reach my phone, but also I should gathered a momentum to push ‘sidewalk’ my motorcycle, because it refused to cooperate. This harsh route is a gravel road, I should extra careful to maintain the speed (under 20 km/hour) and balance of my motorcycle, one mistake I could trip down that gravel sea. I honestly was a bit disappointed to myself, I had been arrived this far, yet after almost reached my destination, here I was in this vile route. I wanted to turn around before too late, but I kept going.  
The surrounding environments of this road are thick vegetation and local field. There is cassava field if I wasn’t mistaken, on my left side. No local folk was seen here, it was possible that someone trapped me to this route, set an eye on my vulnerable soul. I was scared of my own wild imagination. What if a wicked witch came through the forest on my right side, chased after me to steal my soul, or else a burglar who subjected a lonely traveler’s possessions.  
Fortunately, there was no wicked witch who was nosing after my soul, let alone a burglar. I was relieved, down the road, was four children playing in the creek. They told me that village hall is at the end of the lane, so keep going. Meeting the local children was propably affected me positively. I no longer loathed this gravel road. I was beginning to feel affection to this road.
Passed the creek, the scenery isn’t bad at all. Beautiful, fascinating, and so peaceful. The dim light penetrated through trees canopy, a faint orange colour was floating in the thick vegetation surrounded me.I wouldn’t mind if I should pass by this road for another year (LOL lying).
Passed the creek, was when my motorcycle being so suck*d (sorry).  Ahead was a steep gravel road. My motorcycle was roaring when I shifted to the lowest gear. It refused to climb. What an ungrateful thing! I managed to push it along that steep road. I must be looked so ridiculous, what with the thick jacket, gloves, helmet and all.  But time was chasing me, there was no room for lamentation.
Just like what had been promised, at the end of the lane is village hall. At 07.55 I entered its parking lot. What an achievement. I really wanted to shout out loud to the brown canyon surrounded me. I made it!!!! My voice would reverberate, conveying all the happiness puffed up in my chest.  

Part 2 : The Government Decision

Gudia walked across the hallway to General Bukhori office. She got early memo from him this morning stating urgent meeting. He did understa...